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CALI fingerless gloves

CALI fingerless gloves

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These fingerless gloves by Upstate Stock are great for working outdoors or gardening! As dog lovers, these paw palms bring a smile to our face every time we wear them & know they will do the same for you!

Material: Ragg Wool: 85% US Wool, 15% US Nylon Ragg wool is a traditional workwear/gardening wool blend. The addition of nylon content allows for shape retention & durability. While the wool provides moisture wicking to keep your hands warm & insulated. The open-finger design allows for full dexterity. This means you can use your hands while you are out & about without taking your gloves off, making it perfect for any busy commuter. Deerskin Palm: Upstate Stock is proud to partner with a tannery in Upstate NY that has over 60 years of experience providing the highest quality whitetail deerskin possible.

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